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Guide to the Graduate School

Main Characteristics of the Graduate School of Human Health Sciences

In the Graduate School of Human Health Sciences, the focus is on research related to “healthcare” of people who live in mega-cities. In particular, research that contributes to the mission of Tokyo Metropolitan University “to create a vigorous long-living society” is a major task of this Graduate School.

With a system of academic learning established on the foundation stone of theory in broad-ranging fields and practical knowledge, graduate education is pursued under an interdisciplinary, integrated research system while intensifying these. The aim is to produce “high-level expert professionals” and “pioneering researchers” in various fields related to healthcare.

Message from the Dean of the Graduate School

Yumi Nishimura
Yumi Nishimura
Dean, Graduate School of
Human Health Sciences

The Graduate School of Human Health Sciences is a unique graduate school that brings together experts in fields of medical science (nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy and radiology) and the health science (sports science, nutrition, foods, epidemiology and life sciences), and promotes multi-faceted research and education on “healthcare” for people who live in mega-cities. In particular, with a view to achieving this university’s most important mission of “creating a vigorous long-living society”, research and education are implemented in various academic fields of this graduate school with the aim of creating “a kind society in which people of all generations and communities can express their own abilities and be active”. As well as establishing and reinforcing an academic system founded on theory, verification and practical knowledge in each of these fields, another characteristic of this graduate school is that organic and integrated research and education are carried out proactively and flexibly through academic exchanges between different fields of study. And as well as announcing research outcomes from this graduate school broadly to the world at large, we also engage in pioneering activities concerned with “health promotion” throughout the world.

I hope that all prospective students who aim to be “high-level expert professionals” and “pioneering researchers” with high ideals will take the opportunity to further their studies at this graduate school, which promotes leading-edge research and education related to healthcare.


Introduction to the Departments

The Departments of Nursing Sciences, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Radiological Sciences and Frontier Health Sciences are located at the Arakawa Campus, and the Department of Health Promotion Sciences at the Minami Osawa Campus.