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Faculty Guide

Message from the Dean

Nurturing Excellent Clinical Skills and Problem-Solving
Abilities while Valuing Your Passion
Yumi Nishimura
Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences
Yumi Nishimura

Japan stands today at a major turning point in healthcare. The country faces a mountain of challenges that must be resolved urgently. These range from social security system reforms to the imbalance between healthcare supply and demand, widening disparities, and guaranteeing that the quality of healthcare professionals is commensurate with advances in expertise and technology. To further high-quality healthcare in these circumstances, each and every healthcare professional must pair excellent medical science and first-rate clinical skills with the adaptability to cope flexibly with any problem that may rise. But above all, healthcare professionals require a core humanity to always respect others, to proceed through life with others, and to learn from others. It is this humanity that allows healthcare professionals to bring happiness to patients and the disabled, as well as to their families and caregivers.

The Faculty of Health Sciences is a hub of healthcare knowledge and wisdom. Our students, filled with ambition and passion, will be the ones to forge a new history in healthcare and lead tomorrow's health and medicine. We warmly welcome everyone with a passion for helping people.

Philosophy and Characteristics of the Faculty

The Faculty's mission is to educate healthcare professionals possessing a rich sense of humanity, a broad education, advanced expertise and skills, and the ability to put their learning into practice in the real world.

A key characteristic of the Faculty is collaborating with the local community. As a university medical faculty situated in Metro Tokyo, the Faculty pursues multifaceted collaborations with the local governments and communities in Metro Tokyo, Arakawa Ward, and other jurisdictions, in order to resolve the wide-ranging health and medical challenges that Tokyo, as major metropolis, is grappling with. Tokyo is also a global city. One of our objectives, then, is to educate medical professionals who have an international perspective. To this end, the Faculty takes part in overseas exchanges through various research and educational programs.

To fulfill these objectives, the Faculty provides a program that educates advanced healthcare professionals, researchers, and educators capable of discovering their own challenges and thinking and acting independently. More specifically, first-year students study academic subjects and specialized introductory subjects with students from other faculties on the Minami-Osawa Campus to gain a broad perspective within the vast curriculum only a university can offer. In their second and subsequent years, students study on the Arakawa Campus, where they acquire advanced specialized knowledge and skills necessary as a healthcare professional.